Looking for a competent and efficient condominium manager?

In co-ownership law, the "syndic" is the natural or legal person appointed by the general meeting of co-owners, whose role is to administer the building under co-ownership. At, we comply with all regulatory requirements when carrying out this task. Niort can help you :
Our Niort agency offers you the service of co-ownership trustee to help you with all the administrative and financial aspects of your co-ownership building.
At Niort, we ensure that all the building's communal areas and equipment are maintained in good condition and respected. We ensure that the decisions taken by the co-owners at the general meeting are properly implemented (carrying out works, for example), as well as the technical, administrative and financial management of the co-ownership. Our various tasks:
  • Day-to-day management adapted rigorous depending on the type of co-ownership.
  • Ensure compliance with the co-ownership regulations.
  • Preparing and implementing decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Preserve and improve Preserve and enhance your assets using our expertise.
  • Manage the building
  • To represent the co-ownership in all civil and legal proceedings.

Trustee contract : Fees clearly set out, prices respected. Customer area : A global view of all your documents. Trade Union Council : Regular meetings with the homeowners' council Nos points forts :
    Rigour and transparency:
  • Regular visits to the co-ownership by the agency's managing agent.
  • Management of the provisional budget, monitoring of payments and handling of unpaid bills.
  • Responsiveness:
  • Problem solving, claims management and work monitoring.
  • Dynamic and friendly:
  • A single point of contact.
  • Rigorous knowledge of all files.
We offer you sound advice and a individual support throughout the management of your co-ownership. Choosing Niort means making a commitment to optimum management of your co-ownership in compliance with regulatory constraints and your requirements. If you want to sell your rental property, our transaction department can help you with the sale.
If you are a landlord, we can offer you a personalised management service. REAL ESTATE, A PASSION ABOVE ALL ELSE :
Real estate is all about a human adventure. Looking for a property to buy means building a life project. That's why we want to put people at the heart of what we do. We'll be with you every step of the way, from the birth of your project to its completion. We'll help you take stock of your budget, your needs and your desires so that we can work with you to determine your ideal accommodation in Niort. We look for the best compromise between the reality of the area, your budget and your dream. We guarantee honest, human discussions so that together we can make a success of your property project.
Buying, selling or renting a property; means making a long-term financial commitment. It's important to you, so it's important to us. We offer you human, honest and effective support.