The life annuity with Niort is the guarantee to be accompanied by an expert until the end of your life.

But what is a life annuity?
The life annuity consists in selling a real estate to a third party in exchange for the payment of a periodic life annuity (monthly, quarterly or annual). This annuity can be accompanied by a bouquet, i.e. a sum of money paid in cash at the time of the signature of the sale act.

There are two types of life annuity sales:

The free life annuity : the seller transfers his property to the buyer who can occupy it as soon as the deed of sale is signed without having to wait for the death of the seller.
The occupied life annuity : the seller transfers his property to the buyer, but retains his right of use and habitation. He can therefore continue to occupy it until his death.

The price of a property in life annuity breaks up in two parts: the bouquet and the life annuity. The bouquet is a sum paid in cash by the buyer to the seller at the signature of the sale at the notary's office.

A life annuity is an amount, usually monthly, paid by the buyer to the seller until the seller's death.

The life estimation takes into account different parameters such as the market value of the property, if the property is occupied by the seller (occupied life annuity), the age of the seller(s) and their gender, values determining their statistical life expectancy.

Why sell a life annuity with a real estate agency?

The sale in life annuity is a delicate business requiring the intervention of an expert. We will :

  • Determine with confidence the value of your property.
  • We will take care of finding the right buyer.
  • We are specialized in life annuity and meet all legal requirements.
  • We ensure the security of the transaction.

Services of a real estate agency :

  • Listening and understanding your expectations.
  • Realization of the venal study and the expertise of the property to be sold in life annuity.
  • Regular follow-up and visits.
  • Technical-legal and fiscal advisor throughout the transaction.
  • Management of the relationship with the notary.


Sell in life annuity, it is the possibility of :

  • Receive immediately a capital called "the bouquet" that you can use immediately and freely: donation to children and grandchildren, travel, purchase of a car, precautionary savings... The bouquet is tax-free.
  • Supplement your monthly income for life whether you are still living in your home or decide to move to a retirement home.
  • Occupy your property for life (keeping the right of use and habitation)
  • Reduce the costs and charges of your home and save the property tax that will be paid by the buyer.
  • Benefit from an advantageous fiscal regime.

The life annuity sale establishes a win-win relationship: it allows sellers to gain peace of mind, to beneficiate additional income, to improve their daily lives and those of their children, to profiter their assets while they are still alive, to protect their spouse, and to anticipate their inheritance while profiscating an advantageous fiscality.

Buy in life annuity, it is the possibility of :

  • Build up a property portfolio at a lower price.
  • The sale price is reduced by the value of the right of use and habitation during the residual life expectancy of the seller-occupants.
  • To make a profitable investment over the medium/long term.
  • Buy a property without using a bank loan.
  • Spread out your payment with a life annuity.
  • Avoid bank interest and benefit from reduced notary fees
  • Make an ethical and socially responsible investment.

What are benefits for investors in life annuity: a risk-free investment!

  • The investor can sell a property bought in life annuity.
  • The life annuity is an investment of medium/long term which remains nevertheless liquid thanks to this possibility of resale.
  • The risk of deterioration of the property is guaranteed by the occupation of the property by the creditor.
  • The price of the property purchased in life annuity is calculated on the basis of the market prices of the old real estate. The property cannot therefore be overvalued.
  • The investor is protected from the risk of rental vacancies or unpaid rent.
  • The "notional rents" deducted from the sale price of the property are not fiscalized, and never can be no matter how the fiscal framework changes.